Sunday, March 1, 2009

Machines can laugh at people. Did you know that?

Gentleman - white gold teeth, oversized hooded sweatshirt with lame guns, oversized crispy baseball  cap on sideways : I wanna print some shit
Book girl - pants too baggy from too much dieting, but unable to afford to buy new pants because of buying too many boxes of 100 calorie packs: ok, what would you like to print?
Gentleman: my confirmation email from so I can go pick my shit up. they don't give you the shit at the store you buy online unless you got the email.
Book girl: ok, it'll be fifteen cents to print that out.
Gentleman: yeah, I put twenty cents in the machine and it just laughed at me
Book girl: machine?
Gentleman: that machine ::points to copy machine::
Book girl: right, I'll just print it for you at the circulation desk. ::prints purchase confirmation email from for TEN COUCHES::

Remember the towers in the show The Wire? and how everyone used to sit on a ratty, old couch in the yard to watch what was going on? This is immediately what I thought of, only, you wouldn't want to waste a brand new couch for that, now would you?

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