Wednesday, March 31, 2010

have you guys heard the new Bird and the Bee album?

It's called "Interpretting the Masters" and it is all Hall and Oates covers and OH MY GOD IT ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF SO HARD I PRETTY MUCH PEE IN MY PANTS EVERY TIME I HEAR IT. I had no idea how much of an emtional influence Daryl Hall and John Oates had on my childhood and then how much of an influence The Bird and the Bee are having on my formative adolesence until these two minds decided to get married (with the proposal coming from the Bird and the Bee.)

Ugh. I checked it out from my local library. Go ask yours if they have it. If they don't, please buy it, rip it onto your computer and then donate the hard copy to your library. Please.

Did anyone read my last post about Shearluck Homeless and the Chippunks? Everytime someone else asks for one of these and actually pronounces them correctly, I accidentilly type in the wrong spelling because I keep saying it the goofy way in my head. A few summers ago, someone pointed to Twilight by Stephenie Meyers and asked me for "Twiglit," and I've thus refered to it as such ever since.

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Anonymous said...

twiglit. awesome.