Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little about me without revealing too much

I have two kitties. One is named after the Mister's favorite mathematician and mine is named after an infamous politician.

We live in the attic of a 118 year old house.

I love all things vintage, and feel really guilty when I shop at Target. Damn Target for having REALLY CUTE STUFF.

My favorite food is guacamole. My favorite guacamole is the kind I make myself. If I am too impatient to let avocados ripen on their own, I buy it from Chipotle, which comes in at a distant second. Who wants my recipe?

I have been known to eat cheesecake for breakfast. But only once. And by once, I mean, like, 4 times in the past month.

I would be a vegan if cheese were not so good.

I would be a vegetarian if bacon were not so good.

I would really healthy if bacon and cheese were not so good. Also, if I did not eat cheesecake for breakfast so often.

On our first date, the Mister and I got our napes pierced. It was love.

I got my first pedicure last month. I am hooked and I am not looking back.

I wish Sarah Vowell narrated my life. Her stories on NPR crack me up because her delivery and tone is so sarcastic. And generally awesome.

I wear SPF 70 sunscreen on my face, arms, and legs every day. I am 10% paranoid about cancer and 90% paranoid about wrinkles. Finding foundation powder to match my pale force is really difficult.

One book I have always meant to read is Moby Dick. I do not know why I never have. It is my Mom's fave.

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