Saturday, August 14, 2010


27 followers! I've had this blog for 2 years now. Thanks, y'all. Two gals who've been following my blog since ::roughly:: the beginning are biscuit and dainty squid Thanks, lassies.

Today it was raining cats and dogs when the library closed. A curmudgeonly old man, who, daily, tells a joke about a local university and naked pussies, said to me, "you're gonna turn an old man out into this weather?" and I said, "I'd be glad to."


just a girl said...

love your blog! cracks me up everytime!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

that guy you're talking about kinda reminds me of the old guy in the bar in the movie team america: world police. if you haven't seen it, you should watch the bar scene clip on you tube.

also, i cracked up at your comment about getting a concealed weapons permit after working at the library!

Ashley said...

love this!

Karen said...

HAHAHA! I totally just laughed out loud :)

I felt like total fodder for your blog the other day. I had to say to a woman @ the Foster City library: "I may or may not have seen a bed bug in my apartment. Do you really want this back?" * shudders *


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