Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is the kind of person who is ruining the system for everyone else

Patron: Can you help me use the computer to file for federal aid? You have to file online now. You can't mail your application in anymore.
Librarian: Absolutely. ::proceeds to show patron how to fill out online applications to receive food stamps and energy bill assistance::
Patron: Wow! That was great! And so fast! Thank you so much for helping me.
::Librarian swells with pride over having a job that helps those in need::
Patron: Can you show me how to book airline tickets and hotels on here, too?
Librarian: OMG, what?
Patron: Yeah, I'm taking my boyfriend to the Bahamas. He's never been.

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The Dainty Squid said...

Ugh. That's disgusting, and makes me incredibly mad.