Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm sorry, my bad.

Patron: I want to do some genealogy research on my Grandma.
Librarian: O.K., what was her name?
Patron: Grandma
Librarian: Ha ha. Of course. What was her first and last name?
Patron: What? How am I supposed to know? No one know their Grandma's name.   


The Childlike empress said...

your little stories always make me smile!

Laura said...

bahahahaha. my favorite. sometimes I wonder if people just mess with you... how can anyone be that clueless?!

ICantPayMyFines said...

Thank you both! The sad part is that best encounters/occurrences end up on the news or in the paper, so I am afraid to blog about them for fear of revealing their identities. I really appreciate the readers I have and the comments you leave, though!