Friday, August 28, 2009

I cannot think of what to title this post

This here story, like a couple others at icantpaymyfines, is compliments of a guest librarian. These crazy experiences don't just happen to me, they also happen to my co-workers.

A woman comes in and tells the librarian that her son's class has to do a project on one the 50 states and he has chosen Ohio. She needs to photocopy or print a picture of Ohio's flag. The librarian finds a picture in a book and shows the woman. "No, that can't be right. I know what the Ohio flag looks like, and that's not it."

"Huh, weird," thinks this librarian. If the state flag had changed in the past couple of years, don't you think that would have been in the news or something? Well, maybe it had and she just missed it. This book was a few years old anyway. She finds a newer book, but this one has the same Ohio flag in it. Maybe the woman is confused and her son actually wanted a different state. Oklahoma? Oregon? She finds a whole list of state flags and thinks that if the woman knew what the flag was supposed to look like, she would find it in this line up. She points to the giant American Flag in the middle of the page and says, "That's it. That's the Ohio flag. I need a picture of that."

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