Monday, August 31, 2009

Bacon Makes Everything Better

Patron: I'm looking for a recipe for chocolate covered bacon.
Librarian: I'll look one up on the internet. ::however is tempted to just tell this patron to dip bacon in chocolate::
Patron: I tasted it at the state fair and want to try it myself.
Librarian: Ok, I can print this recipe for you, but it basically just says to dip bacon in melted chocolate.
Patron: Well, does it say how to cook bacon and melt the chocolate?
Librarian: Well, if you want those instructions, it is going to cost 2 lbs of chocolate covered bacon.


choochoo said...

Did you make this recipe up? It sound SO like you my dear.....

ICantPayMyFines said...

actually, if you google chocolate-covered bacon, a boat load of recipes come up. but seriously, just dip bacon in some chocolate.