Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amazing Names #2

I've met a few kids named Xavier. It's not an unusual name by any means and growing up Catholic, St. Francis Xavier's name was out and about. While there were no Xavier's in my kindergarten class, I've never blinked when a little kid at the library told me his name was Xavier. In one case, it was even a little girl, whose name was Francis Xavier of all things, and liked to be called Franny. Sometimes people ask about the aformentioned Saint and pronounce the "X" and the begining of Xavier instead of turning into a "Z" sound, but I know what they are talking about.

Another thing I see at my job is "unique" and "creative" spellings of names, if you will. Extra Es on the end, an apostrophe where it normally wouldn't be, because the more syllables, the better - you get the drift. Well, remember, back in kindergarten, where there may or may not have been any Xaviers, and your teacher told you to sound out a tough word you didn't recogize, because breaking it down would make it easier to pronounce? Or when you didn't know how to spell one, you could try writing it, based on the way it sounded? This advice shouldn't follow into naming your kids, because when you come up to me with seasons 1-4 of CSI: Miami and want me to look up your son's card to check them out on his account, because yours has been sent to the collection agency, and you tell me his name is spelled X'Zayveyar, I will look at you way you're all probably looking at your moniters right now.

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