Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well, that was a first.

Something happened to me yesterday that I bet has never happened in that library before, and I bet will never happen again.

The F.B.I. came.

Well, one representative of the F.B.I.

I was at the circulation desk minding my own business, when a man walked in, pulled a leather card-holder-badge-thingie out from inside his long coat, flipped it open with one hand and I saw the all too familiar (from watching the X-files) three letters that mean serious business. He said he needed to interview a witness in a neutral meeting place, and could he please use the library.

Librarian: Um. Um. Um. Sure! ::sounding a little too excited::

They sat down in the children's department, since it was the middle of the day and they (the children) were all at school (except the ones skipping school, and they were all in the computer room gettin' their Chris Hansen bait on in It was HILARIOUS to see the officer in a business suit and his witness in a mechanic's jumpsuit sitting at a tiny little table with their knees up to their chin. I made it official that a project absolutely had to be done in the children's department or else I would get fired. Unfortunatly, I didn't overhear anything.
It probably had to do with a case of stolen Christmas cookies or something.


Anonymous said...

WEIRD. seriously. was it legit?

Galadriel C. said...

too many crazy things happen in a library!!

ICantPayMyFines said...

I've said it 9458349578 times. You do not need a television when you work at a library because it's all the entertainment you need.

I mean, it looked real and they didn't look like they were there for the hell of it.