Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some people just aren't the same after you learn something about them

Does it please anyone else as much as it pleases me to know that one of the "higher ups" here at the library eats spaghettios everyday for lunch?

It pleases me A LOT.

It did not help that when I first looked at the can they were dumping into a tupperware, I thought it said, "Spaghetto," and I actually told them that.

Me: Ha ha! I thought that said, "Spaghetto!" What do you think would be in a can of "Spaghetto," anyway? Hypodermic needles in meth sauce?
Higher Up: ::blank, disapproving stare::

I work too much. 


Anonymous said...

my bosses would have laughed. haha... sorry.

ICantPayMyFines said...

The problem was that I've never even met this guy. I am really far below him. Oh well, at least he isn't in charge of any promotion I might ever get!